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Investment casting is an industrial process based on Ceramic-Shell (Lost-Wax). Is regarded as a precision casting process to fabricate near-net-shaped metal parts and is typically used for the production of components requiring complex, often thin-wall castings. RC Investment Casting produces Aluminum and Bronze components with accuracy, repeatability, versatility and integrity. This process can be used to produce industrial pieces, and/or Art work.
The investment casting process begins by creating a wax pattern. This patter is later coated with various liquid ceramic refractors to form a ceramic shell.  The ceramic shell is used to create a metal piece.
Our team has extensive experience in the investment casting industry. We operate under a single tier management system, which allows us to provide you with lightning-quick response to your needs.

RC Investment Casting will also offer:

  • Aluminum Ceramic Shell
  • Bronze Ceramic Shell
  • Rubber Molds/Pieces
  • Plastic Molds/Pieces
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